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Thread: 2D arrays

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    i'm a total beginner to java, and i've been given an assignment to do but really have no idea on the code to use, i need to link a 2D array up to a 12 x 12 grid and have a player icon be able to move around the grid, and this need to be displayed in the command prompt, so could someone help me just get the grid and 2D array up and compiling and running from there i'm pretty sure i can work out how t proceed, its just getting started is the problem.

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    Default Re: 2D arrays

    Answered in cross-post: 2D arrays

    Please do not cross-post without notifying all posts of other cross-posts. These two forums are not linked, but no one likes to spend time answering a question if it's already been answered elsewhere, and we appreciate those who respect our free time.

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