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    Lightbulb Making a hashtable available?

    1. SQL class receives input from user e.g. insert 123, 'Canada', 'Toronto' and sends it to Database class

    2. Database class creates an object Address using input data and inserts this object into a hashtable and then serializes the hashtable.

    The specs say Connect command in SQL class should make database (simulated by hashtable) available and Disconnect command makes it unavailable.

    How do you understand making available and unavailable? And when they say Connect command it means a method, right?

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    Default Re: Making a hashtable available?

    For me, from my understanding, making the connection available will be allowing you to access the hashtable. Maybe this is some kind of flag in the program. And the connect command can be a method or can be a string command you send to your program.

    And I think here we will be just guessing, it is better to ask the instruction clearly to those who give you this assignment.

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    Default Re: Making a hashtable available?

    As wsaryada says, there's a bit of a lack of information here (as you seem to have seen).

    All I can says is, if you are not Connected then I expect any call to the SQL class (or by the SQL class to the Database?) should result in an exception to say it isn't connected.
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