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    Default Method not returning a value

    This should be a simple problem...I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm only trying to have a new method return the value I just typed but it doesn't seem to work. Here's what I have...

    Java Code:
    public static int promptForTrialNumber(int t)
            System.out.print("How many darts/trials? ");
            Scanner in = new Scanner(;
            t = in.nextInt();
            return t;
        public static void main()
            int trialNumber = 0;
    The code just prints out 0 instead of the number I had just typed...It's not an issue with the scanner as I inserted a println in the promptForTrialNumber method after the in.nextInt() and before the return statement and that returned the value typed.

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    Default Re: Method not returning a value

    You need to assign the value returned by your method to the variable. e.g.,

    Java Code:
    trialNumber = promptForTrialNumber();
    Java Code:
        // get rid of the parameter
        public static int promptForTrialNumber()
            System.out.print("How many darts/trials? ");
            Scanner in = new Scanner(;
            int t = in.nextInt();
            return t;
    Note that Java is passes parameters by value always, so that passing your variable into the method won't work since it's a primitive variable. Even if it did work, it's a bad habit to get into since you'll be changing state by side effect rather than by assignment, making your code much harder to debug.

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