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    Default Printing selected output only

    If I have an output in my console, such as:

    Apples are good
    Bananas are amazing
    Pears are cool
    Fruits are awesome

    How would I go about reading in these output lines and then saying, if the line starts with "Apples" print "good". But reading it all from the line and not hard-coding the "good"?

    So, it wouldn't print every line just "good" because that is the only line that starts with "Apples"? I know there is a startsWith() function, but not sure how to use it when reading in lines.

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    Default Re: Printing selected output only

    How are you outputting the lines? They must be Strings, so you can use any String method on them.

    I'd recommend posting an SSCCE that demonstrates exactly what you're talking about.
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