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    Lightbulb jGrasp Project

    I need assistance with a jGrasp project.

    These are the particulars:

    Design and code an object-oriented program that will store information about CDs and DVDs in a database. Use a class to represent your database. In addition to basic object-oriented concepts such as classes, objects and encapsulation, your program must demonstrate aggregation, inheritance and polymorphism.

    The information stored for each CD is:
    the title of the album
    the artist (name of band or singer)
    the number of tracks on the CD
    the total playing time
    The information stored for each DVD is:
    the title of the DVD
    the name of the director
    the total playing time

    Demonstrate your program by asking the user whether they want to add a CD or DVD to the database and then prompt them for the appropriate information and store that item in the database. Your program should continue to ask the user if they want to add an item to the database until the user enters a sentinel value. After all items have been added, your program should display complete information about every item in the database including whether it is a CD or DVD.

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    Default Re: jGrasp Project

    What have you done and where are you stuck?
    Please use [code] tags [/code] when posting code, and only post code relevant to your problem.

    Also include the full text of any compilation errors.
    Should it execute then include the full text and stack trace of any exceptions, highlighting the line in your code they are thrown from.
    Should it execute and not throw an exception then please explain in what way it is not working.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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