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    Default Unknown type of an interface field

    Let's say i have an interface with a field "data" which can be each time a different type, one time it can be an integer, string, boolean, array of integers, arrays of booleans, etc..

    how will i define it in my interface?

    Interface SomeName {

    <T> data;


    like this? can someone give me some sort of explanation? and later i need a different class which will implement my interface, one class for integer, one class for boolean, and so on?

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    Default Re: Unknown type of an interface field

    Check Google for a Java generics tutorial. All you need to know you will find there, and then some.

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    Default Re: Unknown type of an interface field

    Why are you giving an interface some data?
    That's usually not a good idea.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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