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    Default bufferedreader question, please help.


    I'm using bufferedreader to read a file now.
    How can I say, if the next line is null (without jumping to the next line ), then do something. (say, print helloworld)

    It's like, i want to have a function "boolean hasNextLine()". Please provide me the code and syntax if you can.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: bufferedreader question, please help.

    You can't.
    Here's the API for BufferedReader.
    All you have (on top of the standard read() methods) is a readLine() method.
    It doesn't have a way to test whether there's a line.
    If you think about it a while you'll see that that would not be possible in most cases where the BufferedReader would be used to wrap a stream.
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    Default Re: bufferedreader question, please help.

    If you accept a restriction (a maximum line length), it can be done:

    Java Code:
    boolean hasLine= br.readLine() != null;
    But I find this whole thing a sily academic exercise with no practical use ...

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