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    Default Query about data structure


    i want to count word frequency from multiple files.

    Moreover, i have these words in these files

    a1.txt = {aaa, aaa, aaa}
    a2.txt = {aaa}
    a3.txt = {aaa, bbb}

    so, the results must be aaa = 3, bbb = 1.

    Then, i have define the above data structures,

    Java Code:
    LinkedHashMap<String, Integer> wordCount = new LinkedHashMap<String, Integer>();
    Map<String, LinkedHashMap<String, Integer>>
    fileToWordCount =
    new HashMap<String, LinkedHashMap<String, Integer>>();
    and then, i read the words from files and put them in wordCount and fileToWordCount:

    Java Code:
    /*lineWords[i] is a word from a line in the file*/
           wordCount.put(lineWords[i], wordCount.
           wordCount.put(lineWords[i], 1);
    fileToWordCount.put(filename, wordCount); //here we map filename and occurences of words
    and finally, i print the fileToWordCount with the above code,

    Java Code:
    Collection a;
    Set filenameset;
                filenameset = fileToWordCount.keySet();     
                a = fileToWordCount.values();           
                for(Object filenameFromMap: filenameset){
    and prints,

    VALUES::[{aaa=5, bbb=1}, {aaa=5, bbb=1}, {aaa=5, bbb=1}]
    VALUES::[{aaa=5, bbb=1}, {aaa=5, bbb=1}, {aaa=5, bbb=1}]
    VALUES::[{aaa=5, bbb=1}, {aaa=5, bbb=1}, {aaa=5, bbb=1}]

    So, how i can use the map fileToWordCount to find word frequency in the files?

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