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Thread: Another Array Issue (SOLVED)

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    Default Another Array Issue (SOLVED)

    Please disregard this post, I found my error. I did not know that in boolean statements (or whatever they're called) you use "==" instead of "=" for booleans. I knew you did that for int double etc., but I didn't know this was the case for booleans as well.
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    Default Re: Another Array Issue (SOLVED)

    You practically never need to use == for boolean expressions. The == operator should never be used for comparing a boolean variable to a bolean literal (true or false). It's ok for comparing two boolean variables for the same boolean value (which can also be accomplished by using a combination of the ! (negation) and ^ (exor) operators).

    Note that these two tests are equivalent:
    Java Code:
    if (booleanVariable == true) {
      // do something
    if (booleanVariable) {
      // do something
    as are these:
    Java Code:
    if (booleanVariable == false) {
      // do something
    if (!booleanVariable) {
      // do something
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