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    Default reading in file and storing in array

    I have to read in a file like this:

    something that one wishes to convey, especially by language

    a word whose definition is in a glossary

    a string of characters in a language, which has at least one character

    a sequence of words that gives meaning to a term

    a list of difficult or specialized terms, with their definitions,
    usually near the end of a book

    a set of strings of characters, each of which has meaning

    a printed or written literary work

    I need to store the terms and definitions in separate arrays. However in the same order respectively so they still align. Is there a good way to do this?

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    Default Re: reading in file and storing in array

    Well the best way would be to create objects and store them in a Collection but I guess that is beyond your learning at this stage. What you need to do is read a line of text, store in term array, read a line of text, store in definitions array, repeat until reach end of file. If there are actually blank lines then you will need to handle them as well.

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