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    I want to make a program that can add events to a calendar.

    I Installed Jcalender to netbeans. But the problem is. it dosnt contain a function add events to current date. I want to build some more!

    So my idea is:

    1. I click on the calendar date. And return the timeZone + the button text. Why do i need current time + the pressed datebutton text.

    A. time is used when i add event so its contain this information with it.
    B. Current DateButton pressed : use when i click on the calendar days. its should reload all events contained in this day.
    The problem is its dosnt have this function and the solution maybe is:

    Take the pressed buton text: eg. 23. This tell me what day it is. and i can use time to know which years and month it is. so i can concatenate this to:
    eg. button days= "22" + month+ years = 22-11-2012 this can be used to load all events from this day, and print it out to screen or show this in the table.

    Problem is.: when i click on the Jcalender. I dont know how to return this button dayText.
    1 2. 3 4 5 6 7
    8 9 10 11 12 13 14

    i click on day 10 button it should return 10:
    if i click on 14 button it should return 14:

    Calendar getCurrentButtonDay = jCalendar2.getCalendar();

    plz help. or if u have other solution. how to add events to calender.??
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