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    Default Accessing WPD via MTP (jmtp API)

    As the title says i want to access a Windows Portable Device.
    Access in this case means to check wether folders exist, create new folders and transfer files.

    As the WPD does not have a drive letter i am currently using the jmtp API
    ( to be found here jmtp - Java API to access MTP compatible portable media players - Google Project Hosting )

    I have got two questions concerning my project (a windows application, not mobile, not web):

    1. Am i bound to use an external API or is there anything JAVA internal i am missing?

    2. Does anyone experienced with the API know wether it is possible to access folders without creating them or checking wether folders with a certain name do already exist?

    thanks in advance

    p.s. I have further tried another API ( to be found here: jusbpmp - Java library for USB portable devices - Google Project Hosting ) but return values and practicability seemed rather odd to me. If anyone got suggestions, they are very welcome :).

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    Default Re: Accessing WPD via MTP (jmtp API)

    1. Yes, most likely.

    If you don't have OS level access to the device, then the JVM cannot see it either without something special (like access to the USB subsystem, or some other available protocol on the device).

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