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    Default Regex/Selector with Java

    Evening all,

    Apologies in advance - I am an absolute amateur with both Java and Regex/Selector, so if I am a little unclear in explaining myself please forgive me.

    I am trying to monitor a webpage for changes, which I believe is largely Javascript-programmed. I have the option of using either 'Selector' or 'Regex' to monitor the website. The problem is that in this case the use of Regex/Selector isn't so simple (to me), because of the Javascript on the page.

    If I highlight the entire page, the 'Selector' Text for the part I want to create a Regex/Selector expression for is as follows:

    <div class="pagi" id="pages" style="display: none;"><strong>Results <span id="pages_count"></span></strong></div>

    The actual text for the 'pages_count' element is "Results 1-50 of 776". Usually I would just use the simplest of expressions and do something like \b776\b i.e. if the number changed, I would be informed. This is probably highly inefficient, and I am sure there are much easier ways of doing this, but as I said, I am an amateur! In this case however the 'Pages_count' section that I would like to monitor with Regex/Selector remains constant, although the underlying data itself i.e. the actual number, in this case 776 is changing due to the Java. Is there a way of using either a Selector/Regex statement to monitor the underlying 'Pages_count' data itself, because currently the data is ever-changing, but because the 'Pages_count' statement itself remains constant, I am not informed of any changes that are made. In what way could I use a Regex/Selector statement to be informed if the 776, changes to 777, for example.

    I have searched high and wide for a solution, but the fact that I am an amateur with this most probably hasn't helped me. I do hope however that someone on this forum might be able to help me.



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    Default Re: Regex/Selector with Java

    What does this have to do with Java?

    Note that JavaScript is NOT Java.

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