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    Default Program don't work as expected.

    Hi! I'm just learning Java for fun and found this forum very usefull some of the time! :)

    Now, I have a problem, I can't get an application to do what I want it to do..
    I just want it to run "choice" , then from my input choice I want it to run e.g ovning3 (which is "converter") but it just exits after I type in my choice "3" ..

    Anything I did wrong? This is my first app with several "instances".. My logic is wrong?

    Thanks // Juulis

    Java Code:
    import static javax.swing.JOptionPane.*;
    public class Ovningar {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    	public static void choice(){
    		String input = showInputDialog("Välj övning");
    		if (input == "3")
    		if (input == "4")
    	public static void sfer() {
    	public static void converter() {
    		String input[] = showInputDialog("Mile/Gallons?").split("/");		
    		String strmiles = input[0];
    		String strgallon = input[1];
    		double miles = Double.parseDouble(strmiles);
    		double gallon = Double.parseDouble(strgallon);
    		double km = miles*1.609;
    		double liter = gallon*3.785;
    		showMessageDialog(null, km+"/"+liter);

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    Default Re: Program don't work as expected.

    Don't use == when comparing Strings or Objects unless you want to decide whether two Objects are the same exact instance. To compare equality, use the equals() method. Do a search on google or these forums for a better explanation of why that is.
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