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    Question Reading files with 'Scanner' class


    I'm struggling a bit with reading files using the 'Scanner' class. The problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to get it to read the file without using the full path, which seems somehow redundant. I placed both my java file and the file to be read in the same folder. I'm using Eclipse if that has anything to say?

    Hope you can help. Happy Monday!!!

    - Jake

    This is my code btw:
    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;
    public class ImageAnalysis {
    private String noRows, noCols;
    	// Constructs image as array
    	public ImageAnalysis(String filename) throws FileNotFoundException {
    		Scanner readImage = new Scanner(new File("C:/Users/Jakob/Dropbox/DTU/7_Semester/02101 Indledende Programmering/Eclipse Projects/Assignment 2/src/image001.ipi"));
    		noRows =;
    		noCols =;
    	public void printRows(){
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    Default Re: Reading files with 'Scanner' class

    If you are trying to use a relative path, then the file must be in the correct location relative to where the app is being executed.

    For example, if running from the command line, the java root is usually just outside the top level package. If from and IDE like eclipse or netbeans, then it's in the project folder itself. If it's a jar file, then it could be different depending on how you're trying to load the file.

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