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    Default Java programming 2

    Use FILE (from Collection Framework) to generate code in Java:

    Different groups of people are to undergo a psychometric test and their scores are obtained by grades ranging from A to F (in decreasing order of performance evaluation, F indicating fail). The groups vary by metrics such as age, educational qualification, economic status and various other criteria. The objective is to find the percentages belonging to the different grade categories in each group. The size of the group may obviously differ depending on the collected data. Lastly remove all failed entries from the collection.

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    Default Re: Java programming 2

    Same as the last -- we wish you luck in solving this. Also, you'll find that if you simply dump your homework in this forum without demonstrating one iota of effort, all you'll get is ridicule and perhaps a link to a tutorial or two. Please show us that you're not being lazy and actually trying to get others to do your work for you. Please ask an actual answerable question *somewhere* in these homework "dumps" of yours.

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    Default Re: Java programming 2

    Thread moved from a staff-only section.

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