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    I am taking computer science at school and our home work this weekend was to finish a program we have been working on the past week which was to program something that would print "*" in different patterns I am trying to finish the last one and have not been able to figure out an equation that will work. I need to print a diamond. so far I have gotten the top part to print by doing the following

    public class stars
    public static void main (String[]args)
    final int MAX_ROWS=10;

    for (int row=1; row<=(MAX_ROWS-5); row++)
    for (int star=1; star<=((MAX_ROWS-5)-row); star++)
    System.out.print(' ');
    for (int star=1; star<=((row*2)-1); star++)


    I have tried invertinf the equation and changing the number star is equal to along with row and if I am adding or subtracting a star. Any advice on how to get the bottom to print would be apprieciated.

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    Default Re: Stars program

    Have you considered using spaces instead of stars, and using stars where you have used spaces for the bottom part?

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    Default Re: Stars program

    So isn't a diamond just a centered collection of rows that contain first a growing number of * and then a diminishing number of stars?

    So, we can assume several things from this. We're doing something over and over, so: Loops
    You got that far.

    Also, we're doing two things over and over, rows, and columns. This implies a nested loop (a loop in a loop).

    Finally, we have two behaviors - a growing number of stars, followed by a shrinking number of stars. One way to do this is two sets of two loops, one that grows, and one that shrinks.

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