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    Default Inheritance confusion

    Hello, I am currently a bit stuck on a problem with inheritance.

    Basically I have 5 classes...

    Bike that inherits Vehicle
    Car that inherits Vehicle
    Commercial that inherits Vehicle

    Now as you may have guessed, Bike/Car/Commercial were created because they have a few extra methods/instance variables that vehicle does not.

    Within the class Registration, I make an array of type Vehicle. Within this array, I put in different kinds of types that inherit Vehicle such as car, bike, and commercial. If I want to call methods from things within the array however, I can only access the methods from the base class Vehicle (Which makes sense to me as it's an abstract concept).

    What is the best way around this?

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    Default Re: Inheritance confusion

    Equality, Relational, and Conditional Operators (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Language Basics)
    Read the section "The Type Comparison Operator instanceof" and cast the vehicle to the subclass type

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    Default Re: Inheritance confusion

    Either make class Vehicle abstract and define abstract methods in it that are implemented in the Bike, Car etc. classes, or make Vehicle an interface that is implemented by the other classes.

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