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    Lightbulb [Java 7 SE+MySQL+NetBeans 7.2.1]No driver found exception question

    Dear Sirs and Madams!

    Our software project in NetBeans consists of three subprojects:
    - Application A
    - Application B
    - Common Library with utility function, used in both Application A and Application B.

    Now, both Application A and Application B access the mysql database with mysql connector, included in both Application A and Application B as library (and they work without problems in means of connecting to database and fetching/writing data from/into the mysql db). Now, because of centralization of system (there are still 6 apps coming into our software projects) and project management will get messy, so I have decided to move mysql connector to Common Library, so it can be used by all apps. It also simplifies source code archiving with Subversion. But now, if I try to launch Application A or Application B or both, I get following error:
    java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found jdbc:mysql:
    Now, it is clear app cannot find driver, how do I tell the Application, that the library resided now inside Common Library?


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    Default Re: [Java 7 SE+MySQL+NetBeans 7.2.1]No driver found exception question

    Netbeans projects usually result in an archive at the end.
    That is a jar file, or a war/ear (something to be deployed).

    This is what software like Ivy or Maven is for, dependency management.
    You don't stick all your jars in a single "pseudo app", like your common library, but each application defines its own dependencies.

    Since you're changing how you manage your projects I would seriously consider looking into some form of dependency management.
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