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    Default Binary Tree Design Algorithm

    I am currently learning how to use binary trees, but I am having trouble getting started on how to design basic methods. The simplest of the methods I need to write is finding the maximum number in an unsorted binary tree. I think if I could just see a method I could get an idea on how to travel throughout a binary tree.
    I know that sending a value such as 0 for my initial max is a bad idea just in case all of the input is negative, but I am not sure how to grab some leaf from the tree as my starting max value.

    The input is something like this. (((10 16) -2 25) (33 4) 21 59)

    Java Code:
    public static int findMax (Object tree) 
      return findMax2(tree, 0);
    public static int findMax2 (Object tree, int max)
    	if (method returning boolean for tree)
    		int left = findMax2(lhs((Cons)tree), max);
    		int right = findMax2(rhs((Cons)tree), max);
    		max = left > right ? left : right;
    	else if (method returning boolean for leaf)
    		int curr = (int) (Integer) tree;
    		max = curr > max ? curr : max;
    	return max;

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    Default Re: Binary Tree Design Algorithm

    You could set your initial value to negative infinity, or just the first value you come across.
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