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    Exclamation Method calling help!

    Java Code:
    public class Transaction
        // instance variables - replace the example below with your own
        private Integer amount;
        private Integer balance;
         * Constructor for objects of class Transaction
        public Transaction(Integer AccountNumber, Integer SortCode)
        // initialise instance variables
           [B] if((AccountNumber != Account.getAccountNumber())&&(SortCode != Account.getSortCode())){[/B]
            System.out.print("Incorrect account number or sort code");
        balance = null;
        amount = null;
    I'm trying to do a check so that if the account number number and sort code (which they entered in the Account class) doesn't match what they have entered in the transaction class, it will display an error message however, i get an error on the line which is in bold stating (line 13) "non-static method getAccountNumber() cannot be referenced from a static context"

    What does that mean? :s

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    Default Re: Method calling help!

    you are calling the method getAccountNumber using Account.getAccountNumber,
    that's not cool, unless that method is declared static in the Account class, which mean that it is a single method shared by all
    the instances.. i don't think that's what you meant.

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    Default Re: Method calling help!

    Moved from Advanced Java.

    Please go through the Forum Rules -- particularly the third paragraph.

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    Default Re: Method calling help!

    You must first Instantiate an Account object. (Unless as Arieltal suggested the methods are static... which is really not what the Account class seems to be built for)
    Java Code:
        Account acnt1 = new Account();  //Or something simlar that matches a constructor in the Account class
    Then you can act on the Account acnt1 using acnt1.getAccountNumber() etc.

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