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    Default Developing a complete application in java, help needed

    I am developing a teleprompter.

    To make it clear, I am making it for no money, only for passion, so probably will be an open source one.

    I am familiar with java syntax and basically a visual C++ coder.

    Teleprompter is a very easy application. It will take text file and show the file scrolling (only few lines at a time and resizable) with mouse control on forward and backward moving. It is already there:

    But, it does not allow unicode text files (UT-8). I aim to build it for novice news presentation practicer of my language.

    What java compiler I need? What IDE I should use? Please. provide me the starters. And, what api to use to let the file-show scrolling with mouse control.


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    Maybe someone can indicate the appropriate API to use, if it's not the SE version... but you can simply javac and/or Netbeans for your development.

    Best of luck with your goals. :)
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    Its too big 6mb

    actually what is the purpose of this telepromoter. I mean where this is used, ok scrolling in TV the text, like that or else

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