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    Default Displaying errors

    hello i'm trying to make a calender as a practice so far it's working fine but the output is not what i wanted it to be here's the java code and the output in the screen:
    Java Code:
    //this is a calender displayer
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class calendertest1 {
        public static void main(String[] args){
        Scanner input = new Scanner(;
        int year=0, month;
        //input of the year
        System.out.print("type year : ");
        year = input.nextInt();
        //input of the month
        System.out.print("type month number in here(1, 12)");
        //displaying the month's array
        bodyArray(month, year);      
        //getting the month's name according to it's number
        public static String getMonthName(int month){
            String monthName="";
            switch (month){
                case 1: monthName="January"; break;
                case 2: monthName="February"; break;
                case 3: monthName="March"; break;
                case 4: monthName="April"; break;
                case 5: monthName="May"; break;
                case 6: monthName="June"; break;
                case 7: monthName="July"; break;
                case 8: monthName="August"; break;
                case 9: monthName="September"; break;
                case 10: monthName="October"; break;
                case 11: monthName="November"; break;
                case 12: monthName="December"; 
            return monthName;
        //number of days per months 
        public static int getNumbersOfdays(int year, int month){
            // getting 31 days in here 
            if(month==1 || month==3 || month==5 || month==7 || month==8 || month==10 || month==12)
                return 31;
            //getting 30 days in here
            if(month==4 || month==6 || month==9 || month==11)
                return 30;
            //in here for february if it's a leap it get 29 otherwise 28
            if(month==2 )
                return isLeap(year)?29 : 28;
             return 0;
        //boolean method for leap year check
        public static boolean isLeap(int year){
            return (year%4==0 && year%100 !=0)|| year%400==0;           
        //getting total of days since 1st january 1800
        public static int totalNumbersOfDays(int year, int month){
            int total=0;
            for(int i=1800; i<year; i++){
            return total;
        //getting the fst day's number of the month
        public static int fstDay(int year, int month){
            final int dayOne=3;
            int totalDays=totalNumbersOfDays(year, month);
            return (totalDays+dayOne%7);        
        //displaying the table in here
        public static void bodyArray(int month, int year){
            int numberOfDays=getNumbersOfdays(year, month);
            int day1=fstDay(year, month);
            System.out.printf("\t\t\t\t\t\t%s  %4d\n", getMonthName(month), year);
            System.out.printf("    %10s%10s%10s%10s%10s%10s%10s","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday","Sunday");
            int k;
                System.out.print("     ");
            //in here i tried System.out.printf("%10s", " "); but i get displaying errors                
            for(k=1; k<=numberOfDays; k++){
                System.out.printf("%10d", k);
    attachment manager doesn't seem to work here's a link :
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    if there's something not clear in comments or code i'll explain it
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    Default Re: Displaying errors

    p.s:i've canceled the java tag so the code becomes visible .
    main problem is that it should select a day of the week for example a Thursday which mean days before should be a blank and it goes on, but the output just ignore them all like this if it's a a Thursday it will start from Monday and the date would be starting from 4th and and so on, if someone could help me with this and thx
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