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    Default File Chooser Issue

    I wrote a program to modify some .txt file for work and it works great. I am not going to be the one running the code so I decided to use the File Chooser to prevent typos from frustrating the user. When I add the text editor to the file chooser code I downloaded from the Java web site, the output stream stops outputting at line 483. The text file has 1384 lines in it. I added a counter to the editing section of the code and it tells me it is reading all 1384 lines. When I removed the editing section and tried to have it output the entire file to the new file I get the same result. It stops at about the same spot. I deleted that line from the original file thinking it had a character that was causing an issue. No luck. I even added the counter to the end of each condition and was able to output more lines but the file I am reading from still stops around 400 lines.
    What would make the output stream stop outputting to my new file?
    File Chooser is the only difference between the two programs.
    I have run out of troubleshooting ideas and would really appreciate any suggestions.

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    Default Re: File Chooser Issue

    Without an SSCCE, I've really no idea what bug is present in your code. Consider creating one of these. The process of creating this will involve paring down your code until either the error goes away, or you've isolated the error. Either way, either you've solved the problem, or you've got a nice small program to post here that will allow us to more easily help you solve it.
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