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    Default Appointments Diary.

    This is my first ever whole program that I am attempting. I'm trying to create a simple appointments diary in java and using jewl as my GUI.

    The system will work like this:

    Using the HashMap class I will store a date and an appointment (from the calendar class) - new HashMap<GregorianCalendar, Appointment>.

    In a seperate class I will make the appointment itself. The user can record their name, the appointment, the duration, the location and the date of the appointment. This will all be stored as a HashMap.

    This will be inputted through a jewl interface - of which I have no idea how to construct a calendar looking UI. Apparently there is a class out there that is premade that looks just like a calendar.

    I don't know how to save this Diary so that when I close the program it will open up with all the appointments in it.

    I am a little stuck for where to start to be honest. Any help would be endlessly appreciated, I'll check back on this forum 2nite. Many thanks, Jack.

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    Java Code:
    class YourGuiClass {
        DateBook dateBook;
        public YourGuiClass(DateBook db) {
            dateBook = db;
        private JPanel buildGui() {
            // put your gui components together here
            // Use the "dateBook" reference to get the
            // appointment data to fill in the gui components.
            // rturn completed component.
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            DateBook db = new DateBook();
            // add your appointments ...
            YourGuiClass ygc = new YourGuiClass(db);
            JPanel content = fgc.getContent();
            JFrame f = new JFrame();
            // add other gui components as desired
            // configure and show frame
    class DateBook {
        Map<Date, Appointment> appointments;
        public DateBook() {
            appointments = new HashMap<Date, Appointment>();
        public void addAppointment(Appointmment appointment) {
            appointments.add(, appointment);
        // other methods as desired
    class Appointment {
        String name;
        String location;
        Date date;
        int duration;
        public Appointment(String name, String location,
                           Date date, int duration) {
   = name;

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