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    Default returning a prime number from method

    So the first part of my program that it should be doing is generating two random prime numbers.

    I have been given pseduo code to help which was give as the following:
    Do until a prime is found
    randomly select a number between 3 and 128
    loop from i equal to 2 to P - 1 and increment i by one each time
    if P mod i is zero
    break; // it isn't prime, no need to continue
    if i is greater than or equal to P - 1 then P is prime

    My current method looks like this but when i try to output the prime numbers it doesn't work.
    Java Code:
    public static double pickPrime() {
    		double randomNumber = 0.0;
    		do {
    			randomNumber = (int) (3 + Math.random() * 125);
    			int i = 2;
    			while (i < randomNumber - 1) {
    				if (randomNumber % i == 0) {
    				if (i >= randomNumber - 1) {
    					return randomNumber;
    		} while (true);
    So i was asked to get a random number between 3 and 128, which my randomNumber variable does. I then try to make a loop trying to make sure it is a prime number and then return the number. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: returning a prime number from method

    the problem is in line 7, just choose a number and follow the debugging to see why it's infinite.

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    Default Re: returning a prime number from method

    ok, so i got the getPrime method working.

    So then, i put P and Q into static ints vai that method(so: private static int P = (int)pickPrime();

    So now what the program is supposed to do is find a number(in this case we'll call it E), that is relatively prime.

    I have also pseduo code to work this method.
    Java Code:
    // For e values starting at 2 up to phiPQ - 1, check each to see if e is a gcd of phiPQ
    //      assign phiPQ to a variable named larger and e to a variable named smaller.
    //      initialize a variable named r to 1 (anything over zero)
    //      do the following until r reaches zero
    //          compute the remainder, r, of dividing larger by smaller.
    //          replace larger with smaller and smaller with the computed r value.  
    //      after r reaches 0, the GCD value is the one stored in larger
    //      if GCD is 1 then you've found an e that is relatively prime to phiPQ
    My code looks like the following:
    Java Code:
    public static int findE() {
    		int a =0;
    		for (int e = 2; e <= phipq - 1; e++) {
    			int larger = phipq;
    			int smaller = e;
    			int r = 1;
    			do {
    				r = larger % smaller;
    				larger = smaller;
    				smaller = r;
    			} while (r != 0);
    		return a;
    It could be that I don't understand the pseudo completely, but i think i have most of what was written down and close to correct, so any steps in the right direction would be helpful.

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