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    Default String[] or args[]

    I am new to programming.

    In the well-known public static void main(xxx), should the arguement of main be String[] args or String args[]?

    I have seen both and don't know which to use.

    What do they actually mean anyway?

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    Default Re: String[] or args[]

    You can use both
    Arrays (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Language Basics)
    You can also place the square brackets after the array's name:

    // this form is discouraged
    float anArrayOfFloats[];

    However, convention discourages this form; the brackets identify the array type and should appear with the type designation.

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    Default Re: String[] or args[]

    I agree with the above quote.
    Java Code:
    int someExtremelyLongVariableName[];
    int[] someExtremelyLongVariableName;
    Glancing at the 2 lines above you can easily see that the second is an array. Whereas for the first line you must cast your eyes all the way to the right to see if it is an array or not. The human brain can be lazy, simply ignore the right hand side and mistake it for an int variable and not an array.

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