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    Exclamation Bar chart Bluej problem

    Java Code:
    public class Bar {
        // the numeric value of the bar
        private Integer value;
        // the rectangle representing the bar
        private Rectangle view;
        // The text label for this bar
        private Text label;
        // The value as a text object
        private Text valueText;
        private Integer height;
     public Bar(String label, int height) {
            value = 0;
            view = new Rectangle();
            view.changeSize(0, height );
            this.label = new Text(label);
        public void display () {
        public Integer getTextHeight(){
            return height;
        public void setValue(int newvalue) {
            value = newvalue;
    I am trying to produce a bar on blue j and i am trying to function the setValue method so that if the user enters 100 as the parameter value, the value of the bar should change to 100 and the width of the view (rectangle) should change to 100. However i am having difficulty trying to pass the initial height from public Bar to the public void set value method so the bar maintains the height whenever a value is inputted. The public void setValue method above crashes whenever i enter a value when i execute the method.

    Any ideas please?

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    Default Re: Bar chart Bluej problem

    You say it crashes - what is the error? Please provide a complete stacktrace.

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