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    Default Accessing methods from object in another class.

    Hello, basically I am currently doing a bit of work with Swing but I have come off with a bit of problem with my class hierarchy (Nothing to really do with Swing, just a general java problem).

    So basically I have Class A, Class B, and Class C.

    From Class A, I created an Object of Class B. Within Class B, I created an object of class C. I am now wanting to access methods within the object of Class B from my Class C object.

    What would be the best way to do this in your opinion? I was thinking a simple solution would be to have a parameter when I create the class C which would be kind of like.

    PHP Code:
    ClassC cOBJ = new ClassC(this);
    I would obviously have the constructor in ClassC have something like this...

    PHP Code:
    ClassC(ClassB cOBJ){
    this.cOBJ =  cOBJ;
    If you don't really understand the dilemma I am in... It's easy enough for me to just create a brand new Class B object within Class C, however, I want to have full access to all of my previous variables within Class B, so creating a brand new Object will obviously not work out. I need to access the exact Class B Object that was created within class A so I can have full access to it's methods.

    Thankyou! Sorry if what I said was a bit confusing xD

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    Default Re: Accessing methods from object in another class.

    That is one way of doing it yes.
    It all depends on exactly why you need to access B from within C.
    If it is so that B can react when something happens in C then I would create an interface with relevant methods, then have B implement that.
    You would still pass B in, but C will then not actually know about B, it will simply know about the interface.

    This is a Listener pattern, or Observer pattern.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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