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    Default Learning Java - What are your tips?

    Im slowly looking into Java, haven't come that far.
    At the moment im using some youtube tutorials to learn the basics.

    But id thought those that actually know Java already.
    What general tips do you have for one that just started learning?

    So far i cant really see what ill be able to do with Java.
    I can calculate math stuff and get different answers in the console and use a few if statements.
    But i cant really say i know what ill use this for yet...

    I am quite sure that it will all make more sense in about 20-40 more lessons (videos).
    And ill understand a bit more.

    What mistakes did you do early when learning?
    Just so i can avoid some and keep me focused on the goal :)

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    Default Re: Learning Java - What are your tips?

    You will soon learn that there is just about an infinite way of writing things. Java is an object-orientated language, yet if you want, you will never need to use objects. If you want you will never need to use arrays. There are a lot of things in Java that you don't NEED to use, but they make programming so much easier. Don't shy away from learning a new technique because you can already finish the project without using them. These things are there because programmers, with decades of experience, deemed them very important. Learn them.

    That was my mistake when I first started learning programming. Why use objects, I asked myself; they just seem complicated. Yet a month down the road, you will be thinking, Wow, I could accomplish that same goal using half the code if I used objects. Or Wow, I should have used a loop there, and an array there, why didn't I learn about this stuff earlier.

    Just because thing get complicated, doesn't mean they are not worth while to know.

    As for where you are right now, we have all been there. The power of the language is not demonstrated at first. It is like when you were a child. You must learn to count before you can learn to multiply, and you must first learn to multiply before you can learn exponents. And my god if exponents are not powerful.

    Just my take...

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    Default Re: Learning Java - What are your tips?

    Awesome. Exactly what i was looking for.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Anyone else that got tips.
    Bet others that are starting with Java can like this thread if they find it :)
    Specially if it is filled with ideas/thoughts/tips/trix from those that have passed the first steps in the learning curve.

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