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    Default variable data in internet query


    I am new to java/html programming.
    I would like to pass a variable info( via a function return value) in the internet query
    and wondering how could I do that.

    e.g This is hard-coded query that I am embedding in my html
    <img src="">

    instead, I would like to do
    <img src=" string()">

    Could you please let me know how could I do that.

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    Default Re: variable data in internet query

    Assuming you're using a web app (jsp + java) then this can be accomplished with simple REST services. Really any http service would do. There are many frameworks for this, or you can write something yourself. In the most primitive form, you can have a simple http server running on the host and process the input manually - this isn't very flexible, extendable, or easy though. Google java REST framework and see whats out there - there are hundreds!

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