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    Default Automatic answering app

    I`m going to make an application on my website that aswers atomaticly.
    If the user feks type: conact info, the app will return info about that in the same text boks.
    It is for a school project, so therefor im not going to make an FAQ site.
    I will use a mysql database for the return

    I have done this in Blue J(if you have heard about it, not sure if it is well known), and then I used a input, scanner and a output all in string.
    And now im doing this in Netbeans(with glassfish), it must be Java code.

    Im extremly new to java and I have tried to google, but can`t find anything,

    Hope anyone here could help to guide me, or give me some tips.
    It would mean the world to me!

    If your unsure of what im looking for you can se this page: [Moderator edit: link removed] and try "spør Anna"

    Thanks alot for reading this, and hopefully reply:)
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    Default Re: Automatic answering app

    What exactly is the question? You need help making a database connection?

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