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    Default Calling variables from another method

    I have created a method that generates three random points that are not collinear and are not on the same points. There are 5 loops which create five sets of three random points. Each set of random points creates a triangle. So there are 5 sets of random points which when connected make five triangles. This Only occurs in one method called GenerateRandomTriangles() {....}. My problem is after creating another method which does some computation to tell what kind of triangle it is such as "Equilateral", it needs to call the variables created in the GenerateRandomTriangles() method for each iteration of the loop so that the values change in both methods as each x and y coordinate change consecutively. I can do all this in one method but my methods are starting to get longer and longer. If someone can explain how this should be done please let me know.

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    Default Re: Calling variables from another method

    Couldn't you just store the points in an array and then just pass the array to the next method via the parameters?

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    Default Re: Calling variables from another method

    Moved from Advanced Java.

    To get better help sooner, post a SSCCE (google it) that clearly demonstrates where you have a problem.

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