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    Default Create objects. What happens to objects on close

    So I have been trying to learn Java using some online resources. I am hung up on creating arrays of objects. I have some sample code so that is not why I am here. I am trying to put the pieces together and wondered, what happens to an object when I close my IDE. I am still trying to wrap my brain around everything so I appologize if this seems like a stupid question.

    The reason I ask is I was trying to make a simple banking program. Letting someone Add, Delete, or Modify account. After coming to the Add Account point, I started to try and learn to write to a .txt file as that seemed like the logical way to store data like Name, Numbers, etc. But then I was confused as to exactly how this all worked for Objects since it doesn't have a .txt file associated to it. For instance if I were to make an Account[].

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    Default Re: Create objects. What happens to objects on close

    Objects are just sequences of bits and bytes in RAM memory; an object is just a concept in our minds, i.e. the way we think about those sequences of bits and bytes. a C programmer would think in terms of 'structs', a Pascal programmer would think about 'records' etc. When you kill your IDE or turn off your computer those bits are gone, lost for the posterity. Java does know about 'serialization' of objects where those bits are written to persistent memory (e.g. a disk) such that the objects can be reconstructed later.

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