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    Unhappy Trying to change text of Jlabel multiple times using button

    Hi, I'm new to Java. I know a few things, but I don't know enough to even create a valid program that doesn't have an error.

    Now, I'm trying to find out how to create a button game, where I use Action listener to count the amount of times that a J button in the center of the screen, and change the text of the J label based on that number. I'm taking a Java class, but I've only had my first day. The teacher demonstrated some scripts, and I requested for him to show a certain script. I took notes, and this is what i currently have/understand a little:

    public void action performed(action event arg0) (
    clicks += 1;


    button=new J button ("")
    button.addactionlistener(new actionlistener() (

    and also

    J label l=new J label();

    and something to do with J panel.

    I need a script that uses something similar to these, where I can add more changes in the J label's text based on the clicks. Like adding a 2.settext() after 1.settext(), and 3.settext() after 2.settext(), and so on.

    So, I would be very grateful if someone were to create a script that has these requirements, and uses "Button Game" as the Project, "gamepack" as the pack, and "game" as the class.

    (And just to note, don't critisize me about how I could ask my teacher, beacuse I take the class once I week and I don't know him.)

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    Default Re: Trying to change text of Jlabel multiple times using button

    Starting to learn programming is a daunting task, but you'll not be able to guess at this and succeed. If you don't have a decent textbook to refer to (or even if you do), I strongly suggest that you check out the Java tutorials here: The Java Tutorials.

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