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    Default Connecting to a Microsoft exchange server

    Practically i need to read a few e-mails from my Microsoft exchange server.

    I'm guessing its not connecting to my exchange server properly I don't know if its because my email has a different password to my login or because I'm doing something wrong. I'm using a host that I've been able to send messages with but that is using SMTP. So I'm wondering if we have blocked pop3 or imap?

    this is what I have looked into so far and I'm getting this as an error.
    Java Code:
    package AddressBook;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.mail.*; 
    public class ReadMail { 
      public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception { 
      String host = "";
      String user = "";
      String password = "password"; 
      // Get system properties 
       Properties properties = System.getProperties(); 
      // Get the default Session object.
      Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(properties);
      // Get a Store object that implements the specified protocol.
      Store store = session.getStore("imap");
      //Connect to the current host using the specified username and password.
      store.connect(host, user, password);
      //Create a Folder object corresponding to the given name.
      Folder folder = store.getFolder("inbox");
      // Open the Folder.;
      Message[] message = folder.getMessages();
      // Display message.
      for (int i = 0; i < message.length; i++) {
      System.out.println("------------ Message " + (i + 1) + " ------------");
      System.out.println("SentDate : " + message[i].getSentDate());
      System.out.println("From : " + message[i].getFrom()[0]);
      System.out.println("Subject : " + message[i].getSubject());
      System.out.print("Message : ");
      InputStream stream = message[i].getInputStream();
      while (stream.available() != 0) {

    Java Code:
    Exception in thread "main" javax.mail.MessagingException: Connection refused: connect;
      nested exception is: Connection refused: connect
    	at com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPStore.protocolConnect(
    	at javax.mail.Service.connect(
    	at javax.mail.Service.connect(
    	at AddressBook.ReadMail.main(
    Caused by: Connection refused: connect
    	at Method)
    	at com.sun.mail.util.SocketFetcher.createSocket(
    	at com.sun.mail.util.SocketFetcher.getSocket(
    	at com.sun.mail.iap.Protocol.<init>(
    	at com.sun.mail.imap.protocol.IMAPProtocol.<init>(
    	at com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPStore.protocolConnect(
    	... 3 more

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    Default Re: Connecting to a Microsoft exchange server

    any ideas ? if not I'm going to go home this afternoon and try to connect with google as there's quite a few online that link to gmail. But because gmail is blocked internally I'm guessing it wont work on my laptop at work.

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