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Thread: Easy Tasks

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    Default Easy Tasks

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    I would say good luck with that exercise, and if you have any specific questions let us know.
    But now it looks like you want people here to write a program, so that you can put your name above it.
    And that is not gonna work here.

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    Default Re: Easy Tasks

    Quote Originally Posted by ashish555 View Post
    There is a small java task required to be done using Dr Java as its free IDE to develop Java programs.

    The tasks are basically about Writing a recursive method called "occur" that takes two arguments: a linked list of integers L and an integer N. It should return the
    Boolean true if N occurs in the list L, otherwise false.

    The other task require copies over a linked list while omitting a given number.

    Post quoted for context. Locking up here.



    edit Also trying to buy homework for $30 at
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