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Thread: symbol error

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    Question symbol error

    here is some simple code i would like to compile but I keep getting a "symbol: class ListADT" error

    Java Code:
    package data_structures;
    import java.util.Iterator;
    import java.util.NoSuchElementException;
    public class LinkedListDS<E> implements ListADT<E> {
    	private class Node<E> {
    	    E data;
    	    Node<E> next;
    	    public Node(E data) {
    = data;
    		    next = null;
    any idea why... i have compiled my class and that one compiles fine.

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    Default Re: symbol error

    Your syntax implies that ListADT is an interface but your post says it's a class. Which is it?

    Also, when seeking help with an error always post the entire error message (or stack trace), without paraphrasing. The error you're getting is most definitely not
    "symbol: class ListADT"
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