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Thread: Confusing Error

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    Default Confusing Error

    I do not get an error when i comment out the while loop, but as soon as i uncomment it i get an error.

    Java Code:
      public void history2()
    	   Boolean cont;
    	   cont = true;
    	   while( cont == true ){
          int bet = inputInt("Daily Double!"+"\n"+"Please input your bet:");
         if( bet >= score){
           output( "Please input a valid bet." );
           cont = true;    
         else{ cont = false; }
          String guess = inputString("What is my favorite color?");
          if ( 
              guess.equalsIgnoreCase( "red" )
              || guess.equalsIgnoreCase( "blue" ))
             score = score + bet;
             score = score - bet;         
             output("Wrong... Try Again " ); 

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    Default Re: Confusing Error

    It usually helps to tell us what the error is so we don't have to guess. Better still, to post the entire error message. Also, please use proper and consistent indentation. It's hard enough trying to understand someone else's code that you shouldn't make it harder with indentation that's randomly placed. Indent each block 3 spaces (no tabs), and all code lines within the same block should begin at the same column.

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