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    Default Homework Assignment

    I had to make a class and a test class. In the class I made 4 instance variables which are :
    private String Company;
    private int SharesHeld;
    private int DollarPrice;
    private int EighthsPrice;

    I also made the the get and return methods. What this program is supposed to do is allow a user to input the company name, number of shares (stock), dollars, and eighths.


    String Company = JOptionPane.showInputDialog
    ("Enter the name of the company") ;

    String input = JOptionPane.showInputDialog
    ("Enter the number of shares") ;

    int SharesHeld = Integer.parseInt(input) ;

    System.out.println("The name of the company is: " + StockPortfolio.getCompany());

    System.out.println("The number of shares are " +

    So let's say the user inputs Walmart as the company then my program will print Walmart. Similarly, if the user inputs 50 shares, the program prints 50.
    My instructor said I had to create a method that modifies the stock price. This method has to have 2 int parameters which are the change in the dollar portion of the price and the change in the eighths portion of the price. I have this:

    public void Change(int DollarChange, int EighthsChange)
    int newDollarPrice = (DollarPrice + DollarChange) ;
    DollarPrice = newDollarPrice;

    int newEighthsPrice = (EighthsPrice + EighthsChange);
    EighthsPrice = newEighthsPrice ;

    This doesn't work because the user has to input the change in dollars and eighths and then my program supposed to print the amount. For example let's say the user input 37 for dollars and 5 for the eighths then my program prints out 37 5/8. I've gotten that far however the confusing part is this... The user supposed to type the change so lets say he inputs 7 for dollars and 2 for eighths then my program has to print out 44 7/8. How can I do this? I think I have to use the modifying method that has to be created in the class but I have no idea.. Can someone please help me. Thank you

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    Default Re: Homework Assignment

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