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    Default beginner java programmer here with some questions!


    im taking a basic java course for business school at my university and i'm trying to work my way through some homework problems. unfortunately, i dont have the best resources available to me as of right now - i dont know anyone in the class, the powerpoint lecture notes are not as detail oriented as id like, and my textbook is somewhat scattered. to make things worse, my professor has yet to respond to my queries...going on 2 days now. my goal is to be fully prepared for the next class.

    in any case, one of the homework problems is essentially a list of 10 racecar drivers with laptimes. my goal is to create a program that computes the average speed of all drivers, as well as to compute the mean, and the distance away from the mean each driver is. the dialog box should display 3 lines:

    Driver name = ..
    Average Speed = ..
    Average distance away from mean = ..

    im wondering if anyone would be kind enough to take a few minutes to help me understand how i need to go about making this program

    any help would be much appreciated!


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    Default Re: beginner java programmer here with some questions!

    Which part of this is giving you trouble? I suggest breaking your problem down into smaller steps, then trying to tackle the steps one at a time.
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    Default Re: beginner java programmer here with some questions!

    Please go through the Forum Rules -- partucularly the third paragraph.

    You might also like to go through the and BB Code List - Java Programming Forum

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