Hi everybody!

I'm a super newbie in Java (but I have experience in programming) and I'd like to make a program which is probably a little complicated.. so I could use some suggestions/pointers for a quicker start =)

I'm aware it's a lot of different (probably not trivial) tasks, but every pointer could be very useful for me.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Here's the conceptual steps I'd like to implement, divided in BasicVersion and AdvancedVersion:

BasicVersion steps:

1. Connection to a website
2. Retrieval of some data in form of text (e.g. the title of the main article on a newspaper's website)

AdvancedVersion steps:

1. Connection to a website
2. Enter user/password to get access to private data
3. Look for a specific field (text string) with an associated number which can be changed (e.g. ThisString: 40)
4. Change the value of ThisString ( possibly iteratively every k seconds)