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    Default Simple calculator

    Hey guys! I have been trying to write a simple calculator in java yet I didn't get it to work.
    Here it is:
    Java Code:
     import java.util.*;
     public class FirstClass {
    	 * @param args
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		System.out.println("Please choose the mathematical action you would like to preform.");
    		Scanner sc= new Scanner(;
    		String x=;
    		String w=x;
    		if (w=="+") {
    			System.out.println("Please type in the numbers you would like to conjugate");
    			Scanner sd=new Scanner(;
    		    double y= sd.nextDouble();
    		    double z= sd.nextDouble();
    		    double a= y+z;
    		} else if (w=="-") {
    			System.out.println("Please type in the number you would like to substract");
    			Scanner se=new Scanner(;
    		    double y= se.nextDouble();
    		    double z= se.nextDouble();
    		    double a= y-z;
    		} else {
    			System.err.println("The mathematical function typed was not recognized. Please   type either - or +");
    When ever I type + or -, the error message jumps out automatically instead of calculating the doubles.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Simple calculator

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    Default Re: Simple calculator

    You can't compare Strings for equality with the == operator, use the equals( ... ) method instead (read the API documentation for the String class).

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