Hi, My assignment is to write a program which compares sorting algorithms (bubble, selection, insertion) with the respect to number of exchanges and comparisons. Each algorithms sorts three lists of 2000 integers, one already sorted, one in revers order and on with random order.
Can someone take a look at my results and let me know if they seems correct ?

Bubble Sort: Exchanges: 1999000 Comparisons: 1999000 In worst case.
Bubble Sort: Exchanges: 989001 Comparisons: 1995259 With random ordering.
Bubble Sort: Exchanges: 0 Comparisons: 1999 In best case.

Selection Sort: Exchanges: 1000 Comparisons: 1999000 In worst case.
Selection Sort: Exchanges: 1993 Comparisons: 1999000 With random ordering.
Selection Sort: Exchanges: 0 Comparisons: 1999000 In best case.

Insertion Sort: Exchanges: 1998999 Comparisons: 1998999 In worst case.
Insertion Sort: Exchanges: 989001 Comparisons: 989007 With random ordering.
Insertion Sort: Exchanges: 0 Comparisons: 1998 In best case.