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This is my first post, so please be nice! :)

I recently started studying programming at the university and since our teacher is quite... 'fuzzy' when it comes to his lectures, I feel like I'm falling behind quite a bit...
What I need help with (as quick as possible!), is advice on how to make a highscore in the most efficient way possible. That might sound very weird, but I actually have no idea of how to do approach this.

We are supposed to make a guessing game (hi/lo) and after the player have guessed the correct number, the program is supposed to show a highscore. The highscore itself is supposed to be active during the session, so we dont have to make any textfiles or anything like that. Just an output for the user to see how it looks.

What the player has to see is; name, how many guesses he made and the time it has taken him to guess correctly (which I haven't incorporated yet).

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Edit: Of course the highscore has to be sorted, so that the user with lowest amount of guesses is supposed to be highest ranked!