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    Default HtmlUnit - Iterating through DomNodes looking for specific node

    Hello all!

    I'm using HtmlUnit to get some values from a website. I'm creating an HtmlPage called page, getting page.getDescendants() in an Iterable<DomNode> named pageDesc. Then I iterate through pageDesc and use the if statement to look for the specific node <tr class="away">. The if statement below looks like it should work, but does not. I have an alternative way in comments that DOES work, but I would prefer to access the node using the way not in comments.
    Let me know if you need more info or you have an idea to try. Thanks!

    Java Code:
    public class Main{ 
             * @throws IOException 
             * @throws MalformedURLException 
             * @throws FailingHttpStatusCodeException 
            public static void main(String[] args) throws FailingHttpStatusCodeException, MalformedURLException, IOException { 
                    final WebClient webClient = new WebClient(); 
                    final HtmlPage page = webClient.getPage(""); 
                    Iterable<DomNode> pageDesc= page.getDescendants(); 
                    Iterator<DomNode> iterator = pageDesc.iterator(); 
                    while (iterator.hasNext()) { 
                            DomNode object =; 
                            if (object.getAttributes().getNamedItem("class").getNodeValue().toString().equals("away")) { 
    //	                if (object.toString().equals("HtmlTableRow[<tr class=\"away\">]")) { 
    //	                        if (object.getAttributes().getNamedItem("class").getNodeValue().toString().equals("away")) { 
    //	                                System.out.println(object.getAttributes().getNamedItem("class").getNodeValue()); 
    //	                        } 
    //	                } 
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