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Thread: Creating an App

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    Default Creating an App


    Im creating a program to register all my school summarys and subjuts etc..
    Now I would like to know how to do somethings like:

    Using the JTable for exemple:

    Java Code:
                    String[] columnNames = { "Time", "Monday", "Thursday"};
    		Object[][] data = {
    				{ "08:15 - 09:00", "Geo", "English", "Art"},
    				{ "09:00 - 09:45", "Geo", "French", "Art"},
    				{ "10:00 - 10:45", "Maths", "Art", "German"},
    				{ "10:45 - 11:30", "Maths", "Art", "German"} };
    		final JTable tables = new JTable(data, columnNames);

    Now for example on Monday betwen 8:15 and 9:45 there is no break its only one lesson but at the same time on Thursday we have two differents lessons so I have to Have two fields(08:15 - 09:00 and 09:00 - 09:45) so there is any way to instead of have Geo two times create like only one field?

    Now.. to this program I will use a MySql db to save all the stuff but for exemple I save in the db a text with diferents collors and sizes how can I when the program gets that text apply the Sizes etc..?

    Last.. I'm going to write every thing just like a NoteBook so in case of Maths there is any way to the text looks better for exemple if I write:

    3x X 2x + 52 ^ 2
    ----------------- =
    . . . . . 2

    I mean this looks odd.... there is any way to like more normal?

    I've forgotten one thing Im creating something like Update and CheckUpdate so CheckUpdate its easy but in update there is any way to Download the aplication change the file from the old the the new one and restart the app to start using the new version?
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    Default Re: Creating an App

    Moved from Advanced Java. Please confine homework questions to the New to Java section.

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