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    Angry Help String Error :[Ljava.lang.String;@121b26b6

    Need help. I am totally new.

    I am reading a delimited file. There is a colunm called "Role" that has several items in it and they are all separated by a comma (,). So I am trying to list each item in a new column called "PV Roles". So when I run the script, I see "[Ljava.lang.String;@121b26b6" in the PV Roles column. Can you help me?

    Raw Data
    Roles (Note: each line is separate record)
    FI_CSR_ATM_Lead,FI_Inquiry_Only,New_Hire_Call_Cent er_Branch

    HashMap map = (HashMap)DelimitedFileConnector.defaultBuildMap(co ls, record);

    if (schema.getObjectType().compareTo(Connector.TYPE_A CCOUNT) == 0){

    String Roles = (String)map.get("Roles");
    String delims =",";
    String[] tokens = Roles.split(delims);

    map.put("PV Roles",tokens);

    }else if (schema.getObjectType().compareTo(Connector.TYPE_G ROUP) == 0){}

    return map;

    Results: [Ljava.lang.String;@121b26b6

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    Default Re: Help String Error :[Ljava.lang.String;@121b26b6

    That thing is how an array of Strings shows its String form; arrays are way too stupid to properly dislay all their elements; look at the Arrays class for that.

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