I'm in need of some project in order to actually progress/practice in Java so I've come up with the following two ideas which I will complete (in order.) The only thing is I dont know for sure if these projects would be appropriate so I guess I'm just asking for your guys' opinions/reassurance:


Make a programme like Evernote with the following base features:

* Make notebooks, save notebooks, delete notebooks
* Make notes, save notes, delete notes
* Organise by date/name etc
* Search by date/name etc
* User profiles and login system

and the following advanced features:

* attach images to notes
* attach other file types to notes
* Be able to share notebooks with other users similar to ever notes shared notebook system.

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Remake Bomberman with the following features:

* Literally make a bomber man game with all the normal features
* Will NOT have computer players i.e. can only be played human vs human
* online multiplayer is the only way to play

I think the second project idea (Bomberman project) is the one I'm feeling particularly unconfident about, maybe that could be replaced with some other game like tetris or brickbreaker etc?