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    Default DateTime picker problem

    I am creating a hr portal which will arrange an interview with an applicant.
    When I take the value of the time and value of date a jsp using dojo and insert it in an email that will be sent to the applicant, the email reads:
    Hello darren,you have been selected for the java job interview on 2012-09-14T00:00:00+01:00 at 2012-09-07T04:25:00+01:00.
    The 1st should read date only and the second with time only.e.g. 2012-09-14 and at 04:25.Any help????

    jsp is :
    <sd:datetimepicker name="timedate" startDate="07/09/2012" displayFormat="dd-MM-yyyy" value="today" type="date" label="Select Date for interview"/>
    <sd:datetimepicker label="Time" name="time" type="time" displayFormat="HH:mm" required="true" onchange="false"/>

    i am adding " +timedate+ " and "+time+" into my email.

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    Default Re: DateTime picker problem

    datetimepicker is Javascript.
    Javascript != Java.

    Now, since the email is probably being sent from the server, how do you translate the date/time from the request?
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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